19 October 2014

Det rött huset.

17 October 2014
16 October 2014

Living the lifes of colors by travelling. Good to be welcomed by new color palettes.

16 October 2014

Oh Lucifer! Oh! laisse-moi…

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15 October 2014

From my most recent trip. The largest lake of the Sweden: Vänern. It was very silent and peaceful one. Resting deeply in silence. (at Vänern)

14 October 2014

No winter without fruit.

13 October 2014

Järnvägsstation (at Resecentrum Mariestad)

12 October 2014

Autumn arrives to the town as the citizens start fan the flame. (at Mariestad)

11 October 2014

Oh Lord…
It is time to go isn’t it?
This is the last sunset, I know. How come the sun is so cold when it is that obvious?
The winter of darkness approaches. The life is far away, the feelings are left in the beginning.
Days aren’t here anymore. Oh my Lord… Wouldn’t you give me one more warm breath? No sunshine, no luster but one last word I want.


10 October 2014

Northern Beauties #3

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10 October 2014

Air is cold blue and grasses are purest green.

8 October 2014

No cold can discourage at all.

7 October 2014
5 October 2014

Old days are still alive (at Caddebostan)

4 October 2014

Shapes of living